1.         Fill in the blanks :-

  1. The unit of currency of France was _______ till 1794.
  2. The group of persons invested with special functions of Church _____________.
  3. __________ is a tax levied by church, for agricultural products.
  4. __________ is the direct tax levied on articles of daily consumption.
  5. __________ was a caste belonging to a kind or a nobleman.
  6. __________ means an estate consisting of the lord’s lands and his mansion.
  7. _________ means betrayal of one’s country or government.
  8. “The spirit of laws” written by _____________________.
  9. _________ is the national anthem of France, composed by _____________________.
  10. In the book “The Social Contract” __________ proposed a form of government.
  11. “What is a third Estate” is written by ______________.
  12. John Locke in his book _________________ advocated the removal of a ruler who fails up to live to his end of the social contract.


2.         Choose the correct option :-                                                                  

  1. The newly elected assembly abolished the monarchy and declared France a republic on 21st September of


  1.  1792        (b)       1794   (c)        1798               (d)       1789
  1. Old Regime term is usually used to describe the society and institutions of France before


  1.  1792        (b)       1794   (c)        1798               (d)       1789
  1. Name one important law that came into effect soon after the storming of Bastille in the summer of 1789 …


(a)       The Reign of Terror (b)       Abolition of Censorship

(c)        The Old Regime                   (d)       None

  1. Louis XVI of the Bourbon family of Kings was married to the Austrian Princess --------


(a)       Marie Little                             (b)       Barboden Marie

(c)        Marie Inlette              (d)       Marie Antionette

  1. The population of France rose from about 23 million in 1715 to 28 million in


  1.  1789        (b)       1760   (c)        1689               (d)       1725
  1. On 14th July, what was destroyed ?


  1.  Paris        (b)Versaille                (c)Bastille      (d)National Assembly
  1. In which year, feudal system was abolished and lands were confiscated ? (CBSE-2010)


(a)       4th August, 1789                   (b)       10th April, 1792

(c)        6th March, 1798                    (d)       4th August, 1790

  1. Napoleon was defeated at waterloo in


  1.  1815        (b)       1791               (c)        1804               (d)       1789
  1. How does a ‘subsistence crisis’ happen ?


(a)       Bad harvest               (b)       Rise in food prices

(c)        weaker bodies                      (d)       All of the above.

  1. (NTSE STAGE – II) 2015


  1. :     During eighteenth century, France witnessed the emergence of the middle class.

(R):      The emergence of the middle class happened on account of royal patronage.

(a)       A is true, R is false     

(b)       A is false, R is true

(c)        Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A       

(d)       Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A


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