Assignment - 7
Class- IX

1. A group of cells alike in form function and origin called
(a) Tissue (b) organ
(b) Organelle (d) none of these
2. Plant length is increased by
(a) Apical meristems (b) lateral meristems
(c) priblem (d) parenchyma
3. The cell division is restricted to
(a) Meristimatic (b) permanent cells
(c) secretory cells (d) all the above
4. Grass stem elongates by the activity of
(a) primary meristem (b) secondary meristem
(c) intercalary meristem (d) apical meristem
5. Simple tussues are these
(a) parenchyma, Xylem and collenchyma
(b) parenchyma, Collenchyma and sclerechyma
(c) parenchyma , Xylem and sclerenchyma
(d) parenchyma,Xylem and phloem
6. The most common type of ground tissue is
(a) Epidermis (b) Collenchym
(c) Sclerenchyma (d) Parenchyma
7. Collenchyma mainly forms
(a) Hydodermis (b) Epidermis
(c) Phloem (d) Inner Cortex
8. Whose living cells provide tensile and mechanical strength
(a) Collenchyma (b) Sclerenchyma
(c) Phloem (d) Sclereids

9. Which of the following tissues is composed of mainly dead cells?
(a) Phloem (b) Epidermis
(c) Xylem (d) Endodermis
10. Phloem in the plants perform the function of
(a) Conduction of food (b) Conduction of water
(c) Providing support (d) Photosynthesis
11. Ciliated epithelium is found in
(a) Tongue (b) Oesophagus
(c) Trachea (d) Trachea
12. Which type of tissue forms glands?
(a) Epithelial (b) Connective
(c) Nervous (d) Muscle
13. Ligaments and tendons are formed of
(a) Epithelial tissue (b) Muscular tissue
(c) Cartilage (d) Connective tissue
14. Which are not true cells in the blood?
(a) Plateles (b) Monocytes
(c) Basophils (d)Neuteophils
15. Smooth muscles occur in
(a) Uterus (b) Artery
(c) Vein (d) All the above
16. White fibers of connective tissue are made up of:
(a) Elastin (b) Reticular fiber
(c) Collagen (d) Myosin
17. Which type of tissue forms glands?
(a) Epithelial (b) Connective
(c) Nervous (d) Muscle