Q1: Who was the first female Governnor of Rajasthan ?

Q2:Who was the President who served for two terms in office?

Q3: Who was the President who died in his official term?

Q4: Who was the acting President ?

Q5: In which State was the first Lokayukta constituted ?

Q6: In which States Lokayukta not there?

Q7: Second National Lok Adalat held on _______________

Q8: How many types of motion are there ?

Q9: During the First war of Independence in 1857, who were beheaded at Lal Darwaza ?

Q10: Which Mughal Emperor is known as ‘Rangila’ ?

Q11: Which five year plan (1961 – 66) recorded the most dismal performance with a growth rate of only 2.6% against the objective of 5%?

Q12. The first finance minister of India _____________________

Q13: Which country allows the import of only 34 foreign films in a year?

Q14: India shares international boundary length of ________ Km, the longest ?

Q15: ______Constitutional amendment was passed on 7th May, 2015.

Q16. Indira Mujib Pact was passed on _______________

Q17: I & B land Act was signed in ____________

Q18. In the 19 century, the British soldiers in India used to test their marumanship by hunting a bird ____________

Q19: Indian constitution is made of _____________ different constitutions of the countries of the World.

Q20: The darkest phase of India was from ____________________

Q21: General Emergency has been declared in India for ________ times.

Q22: What is the reason for imposing the first General Emergency?

Q23: What is the reason for imposing the second General Emergency?

Q24: What is the reason for imposing the third General Emergency?

Q25. What does Article 356 state ?

Q26. Council of States is also known by ________________

Q27. Who was the last Governor of the English East India Company ?

Q28. Which ministries are only in the North Block ?

Q29. Government  nationalizes the commercial banks whose deposit is above __________ Crores.

Q30. President should be elected by electoral college is given in Article ______

Q31. The removal of President (impeachment) from office is referred in the article ___________

Q32. Goa was made a State in the ________ amendment.

Q33. 13th amendment created __________ as a State.

Q34. Kohinoor was taken away by ___________

Q35. Diwani rights were given to British in Bengal by ________________

Q36. The decline of Mughal Empire was due to death of ________________

Q37. The last Mughal Emperor was __________________

Q38. First battle of Panipat in the year __________

Q39. Second battle of Panipat in the year ___________

Q40. __________ was a tax abolished by Akbar.

Q41. Din-E-Elahi was initiated by __________

Q42. Noorjahan was also called _______________

Q43. Founder of Sikhism ________________

Q44. Which team sings cricket anthem instead of national anthem in T-20 cricket matches ?

Q45. Who scores first double century in World Cup cricket matches ?

Q46. Who is the youngest marathon winner?

Q47. Dronacharya award is given for ___________________

Q48. Laureaus  sports man and sports woman of the year are ________ & _______

Q49. Mohan Bagan made maiden league on ____________

Q50. Dhyan Chand award for boxing was recently given to ________________

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