Q1: What was old Regime ?

Q2:Upon his accession in 1774, LOouis XVI found an empty treasure.  What were the reasons behind the financial crisis in France? Mention one reason.

Q3: French society in the eighteenth century was divided into three estates.  Name them.

Q4: The members of which estate had to pay taxes ?

Q5: What was tithe ?

Q6: What led to a rapid increase in the demand for foodgrains in 1789 ?

Q7: Mention two characteristics of the middle class who emerged in the eighteenth century ?

Q8: Who wrote Two Treatises of Government? How did the author express himself in this book ?

Q9: Who wrote The Spirit of the Laws? What did the author propose in this book?

Q10: What was the Estates General ?

Q11: Who were denied entry to the assembly of the Estates General, called by Louis DVI on 5 May 1789 ?

Q12. What did the representatives of the third estate demand in the assembly of the Estates General ?

Q13: When was the last meeting of Estates General called ?

Q14: What happened when Louis DVI rejected the proposal of the third estate ?

Q15: What was the main objective of the National Assembly ?

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