Q.1. Write the equation of photosynthesis.

Q.2. what are two phase of photosynthesis.

Q.3. Where do these two phases of photosynthesis occur in chloroplast.

Q.4. What is calvin cycle?

Q.5. What is photolysis of water?

Q.6. Name two assimilatory powers of photosynthesis.

Q.7. What do you mean by chemoautotroph and photoautotroph?

Q.8. What are different steps of photosynthesis.

Q.9. Name the enzyme used in calvin cycle/dark reaction.

Q.10.Write dark reaction in equation form.

Q.11. Why do desert plants take CO2 at night.

Q.12. Why are stomata present on the underside of the leaf.

Q.13. How do stomata open or close?